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If only little Chrissy...

...had known a Mrs. Dayton, the nation might have been spared its recent trauma. The hand that wields the hairbrush rules the world.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

That's All Roberta Wrote

It is. Literally. All she wrote about the subject at hand, that is, which is adults spanking adults. I thought I would have it all up in a year; it has taken three. But it has been a joy. And I have learned so much about today's spanking blogs, about their authors, and encountered much fine writing. Love to you all! I hope you will forgive my occasional asperities. Perhaps it is true, as one advances in years, the past becomes too idealized. But I hope you will always enjoy visiting Roberta's world. It is here, frozen in amber, as it were. No-- more like a snow globe, a world complete in itself, with vivid scenes and characters amidst the swirls of time.

Or a locket. A Victorian locket, you can open anytime you wish...

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Your Guide to the Spankings

All works by Roberta S. Barnes.

All spankees are women old enough to know better. No men were harmed, those cowards!

All stories set in the not-so-distant past.

NOTE: There are no sex scenes and no nude pictures on this site. In point of fact, most of these are panty spankings.


An Upstate Weekend - Brent gently settled her into position, then grasped her firmly about the waist. Bottoms up, yet cozy across his lap, Charlotte thrilled to the posture traditional for chastisement.

The Rainstorm - As she was toweling off her long brown hair, she heard Jim's voice from the living room. "As soon as you get those blue jeans off, you can come out here and take your spanking." She stopped in mid-towel and looked up, stunned. Had she heard correctly?

Spanking PamelaShe's crying over her hurt pride, not her smarting bottom. You've put up with quite enough from her over the past two years. She's a woman who'd finally gotten what she deserved: of course, there were going to be tears!


Amanda's Vacation"I will not allow you to take that attitude, nor use that tone of voice with me, Amanda. Perhaps it's not a vacation you need. Perhaps what you need is a good spanking."

In Loco Parentis - "I'm afraid my husband is rather too easy on you girls. He plays the gruff disciplinarian, but he's really an old softie." She sat down solemnly on the edge of the bed. "Now take off those blue jeans, young lady, and get over my knee."

One Saturday Morning - "She quickly found herself drawn bottoms up across an accommodating lap, viewing the living room from a most novel angle. She became acutely aware that all she had on were those pretty panties, and that her turned-up bottom seemed to be the center of everyone's attention."

Count on Mom"I'm sorry, girls," Sherry said. "I know I agreed to the rules just like you did and--" she continued hesitantly, "I agreed to the punishment, too." She stared forlornly at the floor, hands clasped behind her. "So I guess I get a spanking."

In Old Tennessee - Besides, the whole thing seemed unbelievable to me. Cheryl may be just out of high school, but I'm older and a guest here. Mrs. Cooper wouldn't dare spank me.

Christmas in Colbyville - "And so for your penalty, I propose a public spanking, before the Society, here and now. Do I hear a motion?"


Marcie, Mary, Genevieve
Across his lap and over,
Each miscreant was placed;
Marcie, Mary, Genevieve--
Naughty wives disgraced!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
"Oh, Santa, what is it?" cried Cindy, afraid
It wasn't the list of good girls she'd made.

Happy New Year!
And so he preceded to lift up the hem
Of her little black cocktail skirt;
She shivered a little in the cold winter's air,
She knew this was going to hurt!

Plus assorted shorter poems scattered about the blog: "Spanked and Sorry", "The Art of the Scolding", "The Colors of Her Panties" , "Reflections in Corner Time" and "The Perfect Wife."