Saturday, July 26, 2014

That's All Roberta Wrote

It is. Literally. All she wrote about the subject at hand, that is, which is adults spanking adults. I thought I would have it all up in a year; it has taken three. But it has been a joy. And I have learned so much about today's spanking blogs, about their authors, and encountered much fine writing. Love to you all! I hope you will forgive my occasional asperities. Perhaps it is true, as one advances in years, the past becomes too idealized. But I hope you will always enjoy visiting Roberta's world. It is here, frozen in amber, as it were. No-- more like a snow globe, a world complete in itself, with vivid scenes and characters amidst the swirls of time.

Or a locket. A Victorian locket, you can open anytime you wish...

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Your Guide to the Spankings

All works by Roberta S. Barnes.

All spankees are women old enough to know better. No men were harmed, those cowards!

All stories set in the not-so-distant past.


An Upstate Weekend - She knows she did wrong. She knows she deserves a spanking. Now all she has to do is ask for one.

The Rainstorm - City girl moves to the country, learns a lesson.

Spanking Pamela (Boyfriend/girlfriend) - Just friends? Or does he care (enough to spank)?


Amanda's Vacation - Back to school, back in the principal's office.

In Loco Parentis - a Freshman Year Experience.

One Saturday Morning - Friends are important.

Count on Mom - Who else?

In Old Tennessee - Coed visits down South, gets punished down south.

Christmas in Colbyville - A star is spanked.


Marcie, Mary, Genevieve - 3 husbands, 3 wives, 1 missed train.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Santa has something special just for Cindy.

Happy New Year! - A new beginning for Blair and Nathan.

Plus assorted shorter poems scattered about the blog: "Spanked and Sorry", "The Art of the Scolding", "The Colors of Her Panties" , "Reflections in Corner Time" and "The Perfect Wife."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spanked and Sorry

Your tears, my little one, are
As precious as the dew;
Your downcast eye and silent tongue
Show a humbler attitude.

Each hand is gently cupping
A tender, blazing cheek;
That badge of shame upon your tail
Has rendered you quite meek.

A silent "Ow" forms on your lips,
You raise up on your toes;
I gather you a tissue,
To wipe your drippy nose.

You tilt your head to listen
To every word I have to say;
You knit your brow and ponder--
The first words you've heard all day!

Now a certain sense of order comes
To the house of love we live in;
My heart grows peaceful, soft and warm,
"Dry your eyes, dear, all's forgiven."